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    Rifle Parts
  • 1873 "No Bite" Trigger System

    The new drop in "No Fit No Adjustment" trigger system is our latest addition to the Sure Hit product line. Each Sure Hit product is proudly USA made in our state of the art machine shop. This trigger system comes set up with a match grade upper sear and lower trigger that is custom tuned for a crisp trigger pull. Each trigger system has a small rebound trigger spring built in to keep the trigger from moving while being rapidly fired. This along with the dehorned corners will help eliminate the dreaded 1873 trigger bite. (The stainless pin and keepers shown in the pic are to only keep the system together while shipping and are not part of the trigger system)

  • 1873 Bullet Alignment Kit

    All 1873 reproduction rifles are fitted with a 45- colt magazine tube from the factory regardless of caliber. When loading rounds into the 357 caliber rifles the bullets cannot align properly in the magazine tube due to the over -sized diameter of the factory tube. This staggered bullet effect will cause a slight hanging feel in your rifle making it OAL sensitive. This Alignment Kit will eliminate this issue. Our "NEW" bullet Alignment tubes are made from a super light carbon fiber base compound and are a perfect fit inside the factory tube but will NOT add weight to your rifle like other Alignment kits. These kits are cut for a 20" barrel rifle or 24" barrel rifle, but can be easily fitted to any shorter barrel length. Kits include a new stainless steel magazine spring and stainless steel follower. All kits are shipped with a 26 inch spring for the 24 inch kits. Once the kit is installed leave 3 inches of spring sticking out of the factory mag tube and trim the remaining amount off.

  • 1873 Magazine End Cap Wrench

    We would like to introduce a new product for the 1873 rifle. This product is precision made with hollow ground bits to withstand years of use. The wrench fits the slot on the end cap of the magazine tube perfectly- not marring or causing rollover in the slot from a screw driver. We also provided a second bit that fits most screws located on the 1866, 1873, 1892 and 1894 rifles.

  • Lever Wrap Kirkpatrick Leather

    With these premium leather wraps your hand will be given a padded feel when levering your rifle while still keeping the look of the old west. The wraps fit all lever action rifles and are offered in Dark Brown only.

  • Mag Spring -Stainless Steel

    These stainless steel mag springs prevent rust from building up in your lever action magazine tube. Over time the moisture will cause the factory metal spring to corrode and rust. When this happens it will prevent the spring from working freely to push the next round down the tube smoothly . These springs are shipped 26 inches long. When installing leave 3" sticking out of the factory mag tub and trim off the remaining amount of spring.

  • Marlin 1894 "Sure Claw" Extractor

    This replacement extractor is made in the USA of only the best spring steel. Unlike the "factory" two - piece, our extractor comes as one solid unit. These come fully tuned ready for drop in with NO fitting. These fit all pistol caliber 1894 rifles.

  • Marlin 1894 Carrier Plunger Button

    This kit will replace a worn or lost carrier button in the 1894 marlin rifle. Kit includes plunger button, spring and e-clip.

  • Marlin 1894 Competition Spring Kit

    This spring kit is 100% drop in ready and requires no fitting. Each spring has been tested for smoothness and durability by several World and National Champion Shooters. Each kit will contain the following parts as shown in picture: (1) Hammer spring & spacer (1) Trigger return spring (1) Finger lever plunger spring. *note* The spacer provided is intended to go onto the hammer strut first then the hammer spring next.

  • Marlin 1894 Stainless Steel One Piece Firing Pin

    The one piece firing pin is made from solid stainless steel. This firing pin will allow better primer hits and is not prone to breakage like the factory two piece firing pins. When installed, the Marlin rifle can be dry fired without damage to the rifle. This one piece firing pin fits all 1894 Marlin rifle and calibers.

  • Marlin Magazine Tube Follower

    The magazine follower replaces the factory orange plastic factory followers. Over time the cleaning solvents and everyday use will cause the plastic followers to crack and break. When this happens it will cause your magazine spring to stick inside the tube and not function.

  • Marlin Phantom Trigger - for 1894 only

    Blue Steel, one piece trigger/sear design. This trigger system has two main functions (1) It prevents the Marlin trigger bite caused by the factory curved trigger. Because of its set back design and straighter target style trigger it also offers a better trigger feel, (2) It is mated to the sear thus eliminating the factory marlin trigger flop issue that every marlin rifle has. This is a complete drop in trigger system. The factory lever safety will not work with the trigger. Note: Will not fit 336, 1895, or any other model. For Marlin 1894 only!!

  • Marlin Safety Delete Plug

    The safety delete plug replaces the cross bolt safety in the Marlin rifle. With the safety delete plug you don't ever have to worry about accidentally hitting the safety during competition . The replacement gives the receiver a nice clean look without the protruding safety bar. These are available in blued and fit all Marlin rifles with cross bolt safetys.

  • Sight - "Sure Hit" Rifle Sight

    Brass sight slips snuggly over your original Marbles style site that is on a 66, 73 or a Marlin. There are 2 different sizes. The smaller size for small far targets and the large one is for big and close. SASS Approved

  • Sight - Large Carbine Sight

    This is a new design product for the following rifles: 1873 Carbine with barrel band. Winchester "Japanese" 1873. Factory Marlin carbine front sight. This sight is to be tapped straight down onto the existing factory sight. This gives it a nice size brass sight for faster target acquisition.

  • Sight - Marbles Flat Top Rear Competition Sight

    This is very useful in cowboy action shooting. With other sights, such as the semi buckhorn, we have found that the sight ear covers up the next target. This flat top sight gives a clear sight picture of the next target for faster target acquisition.

    Rifle Model:
  • Sight - Marbles Front Rifle Sight

    Replacement front sight for your rifle. This is a marbles style dove tail front sight. The height is a standard 45W with a small 3/32 gold bead. This is the sight base that is recommended for the Sure Hit slip on rifle sight.

  • Uberti 1873 "Sure Claw" Extractor

    This replacement extractor is made in the USA of only the best spring steel. The extractor is fully tuned and ready to drop in with minor to no fitting.

  • Uberti 1873 Hammer Spring

    Replacement hammer spring for the Uberti 1873 rifle. This hammer spring is fully tuned and ready to drop in the rifle. Every spring is made to exactly the same precise measurements, therefore giving a more consistent feel from rifle to rifle.

  • Uberti 1873 Magazine Tube Follower

    The magazine follower replaces the factory orange plastic factory followers. Over time the cleaning solvents and everyday use will cause the plastic followers to crack and break. When this happens it will cause your magazine spring to stick inside the tube and not function. Stainless Steel - Fits All Calibers

  • Uberti 1873 Super Light Hammer Spring

    Replacement hammer spring for the 1873 Uberti rifle. This spring is our Super Light version and is designed to considerably reduce the hammer drag feel when levering. This spring is fully tuned like our other competition springs. Our springs are made with the best spring steel available and heat treated for years of use. (Recommended spring for the one piece firing pin conversion)


Notice: Products typically ship within 3-5 business days. Products on back order will take longer. Tracking info will be emailed when product is shipped. The maximum charge for shipping on multiple items will be $12.00. A refund will be given through PayPal.
Attention- All international orders must be pre-approved and placed via email to 
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