All Marlin Action work will be one flat rate price of $500 plus return $25 shipping.
 Action work will only be done on the following three calibers - 38, 357, 45 colt. Each rifle will be completely rebuilt internal from the ground up and will include all the following new parts. Stainless steel follower, stainless steel mag spring, stainless steel one piece firing pin, Phantom one piece trigger, lighter trigger return spring, lighter lever plunger spring, lighter hammer spring, safety delete plug, new marbles style front sight (where applicable), new flat top rear sight, Sure Hit Brass front sight. 
If you do not want one of the above parts installed please add that request on your information page. The price is set at $500 regardless if you decide not to install any of the above listed parts.
4-8 weeks

Marlin Magic
Action Work
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Slick McClade                              

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Jason Robinson 
3738 Beechsprings Road
Quitman, La 71268

Customers please put all your contact info with the gun and a list of work needing done.

Notice: Please e-mail prior to sending your rifle to us for action work. Thanks. 
Slick McClade
aka Jason Robinson