Custom Spurs/Spur Strap Buckles/
Scarf Slides
Slick is now offering true custom handmade spurs, spur strap buckles, and scarf slides. Slick studied under one of the true great spur makers in all of Texas, Charles Wendt. Charles taught Slick the true art of forging and making each part of the spur the old fashioned way - by hand. Each piece is a custom work of art and each product is hand made using only flat mild steel, silver, and copper. Unfortunately many spur makers are using many water jet parts and calling them "custom made". Each part of Double J Spurs is hand made - no machine made or water jetted parts. Double J spurs are meant to be used, but are also family heirlooms that can be passed down and anyone would be proud to own them. Examples are shown below. To place an order please e-mail Slick, using the email below. Once your order has been placed, you will receive a drawing for approval. Once the art work drawing is approved and a 1/2 deposit is made, your spurs will be put in line to be built. 
Thank you for looking and God Bless.Happy Shooting!

                                     Price List

Spurs- $350 and up.
Price is dependent on design, amount of silver used and amount of hand engraving.

Belt Buckle - $325
Fully hand engraved with Silver, Copper or a combination of both. Includes a belt keeper.

Belt Buckle Set - $400
Same as above but includes a belt tip cap to match the buckle and keeper.

Scarf Slide - $75
Hand engraved with choice of Silver or Copper design of choice.

Concho - $75
Hand engraved with choice of Silver or Copper design of choice.

All prices above are for German Silver. If Sterling Silver is requested prices will be go up according to amount used.

e-mail address:

Slick McClade
aka Jason Robinson
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