Custom Revolvers
We build some of today's premier Ruger Vaquero and Black Hawk revolvers. Each gun is fitted with a hand turned match grade schilen barrel and a custom made solid brass front sight. The barrel starts off as a 1" round blank which is then turned down and made into an octagonal barrel. The length of barrel can made from a 3 1/2 " up to 7" depending on customer's choice. After the fitting of the barrel to each gun the muzzle and cylinder are beveled for ease of holstering. The Vaquero rear sight notch is opened up so the sight picture is sharp and clear with the brass front sight. 
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Custom Revolvers
Ruger Action Jobs
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Slick McClade                              

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Jason Robinson 
3738 Beechsprings Road
Quitman, La 71268

Customers please put all your contact info with the gun and a list of work needing done.

Slick McClade
aka Jason Robinson