Slick McClade
aka Jason Robinson
Welcome to  Slick Magic,  home of multi- time National and World Champion Cowboy Action Shooter "Slick McClade". 

Slick offers the worlds finest Marlin rifle action jobs and "Widdermatic" carrier conversions being utilized today.

 Each rifle is taken down to the frame and every internal part is hand polished, tuned and fitted to each specific rifle. Once all the internal parts are completed, Slick starts the carrier rebuilt with the "Widdermatic" conversion.

 The conversion changes the feeding of the cartridge on the carrier to an angle feed. This process along with the proper tuning alleviates all of the "Marlin Jam" issues and O.A.L problems that are associated with the Marlin lever action rifles during competition level shooting. 

Once the rifle is completed it will feed and cycle any O.A.L cartridge including an empty brass from the mag tube. With the combination of the supreme action job and the "Widdermatic" conversion, Slick is turning out the smoothest rifle on today's market. 

The "Widdermatic" conversion was born and perfected in the Smokey Mountain state of Tennesee by "Widdowmaker", AKA Mike Hill, a cowboy action shooter. Widdowmaker passed down his knowledge of the "Widdermatic"conversion to Slick McClade who still carries on the name of "Widdermatic" on each and every rifle.

We also customize revolvers with octagon barrels and add short strokes and action jobs to Ruger pistols. Numerous rifle parts are available. Browse the site for this information as well as gun sales and reliable cowboy vendors.

Happy Shooting!

Slick McClade                              Telephone: 318-278-9071

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Jason Robinson 
3738 Beechsprings Road
Quitman, La 71268
Customers please put all your contact info with the gun and a list of work needing done. 

Notice: I'm currently not taking any rifles at this time. Customers can go to the contact us link and request to be placed on a work order. Current rifles on work order are 10-12 months out on repair. Thanks.