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We also customize revolvers with octagon barrels and add solid brass sights. Numerous gun parts and other merchandise are available in the online store. Browse the site for this information as well as gun sales and reliable cowboy vendors.

Double J Custom Spurs/Spur Strap Buckles/Scarf Slides

Slick is now offering true custom handmade spurs, spur strap buckles, and scarf slides. Slick studied under one of the true great spur makers in all of Texas, Charles Wendt. Charles taught Slick the true art of forging and making each part of the spur the old fashioned way - by hand. Each piece is a custom work of art and each product is hand made using only flat mild steel, silver, and copper. Unfortunately many spur makers are using many water jet parts and calling them "custom made". Each part of Double J Spurs is hand made - no machine made or water jetted parts. Double J spurs are meant to be used, but are also family heirlooms that can be passed down and anyone would be proud to own them. Examples are shown below. Please click on the link for Double J Custom Spurs/Spur Strap Buckles/Scarf Slides and browse over a few pics of previous work. To place an order please e-mail Slick, using the email below. Once your order has been placed, you will receive a drawing for approval. Once the art work drawing is approved and a 1/2 deposit is made, your spurs will be put in line to be built. 
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Slick McClade                              

e-mail address: slickmcclade@bellsouth.net

Shipping Address:
Jason Robinson 
3738 Beechsprings Road
Quitman, La 71268
Customers please put all your contact info with the gun and a list of work needing done. Please read and follow the guidelines below for firearm shipment.

​Gold Dust Liquid Chalk - 2.0 oz   $9.00

Slick McClade
aka Jason Robinson
Look no further - Gold Dust gives you that extra grip needed to prevent gun slippage, without being sticky. Gold Dust offers the competitive edge you have needed for keeping the moisture off of your hands. Apply a small dime size amount into your palm then rub both hands together. Gold Dust will dry completely in about 15 sec. leaving a white chalky film on your hands. This liquid chalk technology will give you a better grip on your gun surfaces, keeping them in place. The product will not stain nor damage the finish on the firearm. It simply washes off your hands and wipes off your firearm with a dry or damp rag. Don't fall victim to another target miss because of gun slippage. Each bottle comes with a convenient stainless steel snap ring to hang it from your shooting cart/shooting bag. The lid also has a built in cleat that will keep the hole clean and free of any dried chalk.
Bang and Clang Bullets

We always like adding new products to our website that we personally use. Bang and Clang bullets is a great Cowboy Shooter owned business located in the great state of New Mexico. Bang and Clang offers cast lead bullets and High-Tek coated bullets. They have a variety of bullet weights and shapes to fit your shooting needs. I have been personally using coated bullets for cowboy action shooting since 2006. Since my adventure into SASS, I have been blessed to win multiple National and World Championships. In our sport it's always great to have The Cowboy Way and support our fellow Cowboy Shooters in their local businesses. I have made it a personal endeavor of mine to always support fellow shooters when they offer a great product such as Bang and Clang bullets. Please feel free to check out the website below and place your order online today.
Sincerely your pal,
Slick McClade

George F. Martin aka Regulator Johnson
Bang and Clang, LLC